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Little Seal Stuck In The Rocks Just Wanted Someone To Help Him

People wandering along a beach in England this week assumed a newborn seal was alright since she was hanging out in some rocks. For a time, it appeared that she was merely perching on the rocks – until it became evident that she was genuinely stuck.

“Normally, when seals look stuck, they manage to free themselves, but this poor animal was well and well caught,” posted St. Mary’s Seal Watch on Facebook.

St. Mary’s Seal Watch rescuers rushed out to investigate the situation after being alerted to the seal’s plight. They suspected the seal was attempting to traverse the rocks after being startled by something and slipping backwards, trapping herself. She was clearly stuck, and everyone realized it would take a long time and a lot of effort to pull her out.

The young seal waited quietly as rescuers gathered around her, observing as a huge team of people worked together to save her.

Rescuers first made sure the unfortunate seal couldn’t get any deeper down the hole, then devised a strategy to gently take her out, which they knew would be more difficult than it seemed.

The rescue stated, “We couldn’t just take her out since this may result in damage to either the seal or ourselves.”

The seal looked to be entirely uninjured following her adventure, much to everyone’s astonishment and happiness. However, just in case, the rescuers got her examined out and released her back into the wild once it was obvious that she was healthy and injury-free.

“Thanks to early detection and the presence of volunteers on site, we were able to quickly rescue this little one,” the rescue wrote.