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They Find 3 Tiny White-Eared Possum Pups Without The Protection Of Their Mother

Although all infants are lovely, there is no denying that newborn opossums are extremely adorable, and it is difficult not to fall in love with them right away, especially with their distinctive tiny ears and tails.

It’s also true that all infants require the care of their moms, therefore what happened to three baby opossums in Paraná, Brazil, is a reality that reminds us to be nice and kind to all living things.

Three white-eared possum puppies were discovered on a seemingly ordinary day at the Palmito State Park facility. Nobody knew where his mother was, though.

The young creatures were taken in by the Instituto gua e Terra (IAT) on the state’s coast because to their frailty and small size. They began to be readied for release into the environment there, in addition to getting veterinary care, preventing them from growing up in captivity.

Each of the kids was 14 centimeters long and weighed only 200 grams when they were initially greeted. According to the IAT, they were between 11 and 12 weeks old, and what babies they were!

Fortunately, the opossums’ mother’s strange absence did not prevent them from growing and developing normally until they were released into the wild.

When they return to their natural home, these little creatures will be around 18 cm tall and weigh 400 grams. Only at this size, with at least 13 to 14 weeks of life, could they be released back into the wild, according to the Brazilian Association of Wild Animals’ Technical Bulletin for the Care, Rehabilitation, and Release of Opossums (Abravas).

Opossums play an important function in the ecology of an area; they are the regulators of the environment. They are pest and zoonotic disease controllers. Zoonoses are illnesses that may be spread from animals to humans, which is why they are so essential!

Ticks, for example, are involved in the spread of infectious illnesses, and opossums eat them. As a result, the fact that they have returned home is quite important.

“They are good creatures.” “May they be happy, prosper, and have many children!” wished a netizen.

If you ever have the good fortune to meet newborns as lovely as these, remember not to touch them since their inherent personalities make them independent, and you might disturb them.