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This 11-Year-Old Girl Saved A Dog That Was Destined To Be Part Of The Dog Meat Trade In Korea

This kid stopped a dog that was going to be Korean food because, regrettably, between two million and two and a half million dogs die each year in Korea as a result of the dog meat trade, which is a highly frequent cuisine in this and other Asian nations.

Izabella Cantu, often known as “Izzy”, an 11-year-old Ashland, Oregon native, has always been known for having a great heart and helping to improve the lot of animals. Izabella made the decision to give away her material birthday presents in order to ask her family members for donations to a worthy cause each year.

In order to meet the adorable dog she now considers her best friend and “soul mate,” a five-month-old puppy named Leilu, the girl was able to persuade her mother to choose a dog from the organization.

Isobel remarked:

“My mother then let me choose one of them to make at least one of those animals not have to suffer because I don’t want the animals to suffer,” she said.

Leilu is just six months old, and five of those have been spent with Izabella. She adores playing with mounds of leaves and running, and she adores Izzy. The dog was discovered in a crate outside a Korean dog food farm.

“We’ve had a long time to bond, and without her I don’t know what I would do,” he said. “She’s basically my soul mate.”

Izzy’s stepfather, Brent Hirunpugdi, was able to fly from Oregon to the San Francisco airport to meet Leilu, who has been a blessing to Izabella ever since, thanks to the assistance of Guardian Angels International Rescue.

By Brent

We were quite concerned about how she would get there, so it was amazing to see that she was in excellent condition and in a good mood once I was able to pick her up.

Although Leilu has only been in Izabella’s life for a few months, they are unquestionably meant to be together for a very long time.