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Little Shelter Dog Lies On Top Of His Sick Best Friend To Comfort Him

Despite being two very different breeds and sizes of dogs, Chief the Chihuahua and Jericho the German Shepherd are utterly bonded. There was no denying the strong attachment between the two canines when they were left at the Arizona Humane Society by their former owner. Sadly, one of the dogs had a disease.

According to Ashliegh Goebel of the refuge, The Dodo:

It was evident that Jefe and Jericho were closest buddies as soon as they were saved. When animal rescuers arrived to the scene, they were surprised to see a little Chihuahua lying on a sick, emaciated, and tick-infested German Shepherd named Jericho.

When rescuers raised Jericho to receive medical treatment, Boss grew agitated, so they took the two to the trauma center of the Humane Society.

The two were so close that it was obvious they would have to be adopted as a unit.

Thankfully, Jericho’s condition has improved, but in order to be healthy and functional, he must take daily valley fever medicine.

Jefe has been by his closest friend’s side as he recovers. The Humane Society wants to place Boss and Jericho in a loving home now that he is doing well. Who, after all, could make these two separate?