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She Was Abandoned After Thanksgiving And Asked To Be Euthanized, But Someone Decided To Adopt Her Right Around Christmas

With a perplexed look on her face, this 14-year-old black lab mix was at Dallas Animal Services. Just after Thanksgiving, her old family left her to the shelter and requested that she be put to death.

The unfortunate creature was so frail that it had trouble walking. She had heartworm disease and only had two teeth.

After hearing about her, rescuers and animal lovers began sharing her tale on social media.

Cindy Bull

Tommy Bull of Crowley, Texas, was astounded when he read about the dog.

Toby revealed to The Dodo:

I saw that she appeared to have given up when I gazed into her eyes. She was an old, black dog with heartworm, and her chances of survival were slim. One of the toughest periods of the year for dogs is during the holidays, when many people surrender them to shelters.

Tommy made contact with CAMO Rescue, and they made plans to pick up the puppy from the shelter.

Cindy Bull

He stated:

She was a little unsteady, so the staff took her with me. I snatched her up and gave her a deep embrace. He wanted her to be aware of her safety. I was immediately in love with her.

Tommy drove home with the puppy after picking her up, and his wife hit it off with her right away. Henrietta was shortened to Ettie in their language.

Cindy Bull

He had no issues after receiving a lot of attention and being introduced to our other rescue dogs.

The oldest girl, Ettie, was now content and in a new place. She was provided wholesome canned food that was simple for her to consume, and she put on weight. Additionally, she had heartworm treatment and was placed on an arthritis medicine.

Cindy Bull

Ettie is currently reaping the benefits of the love and attention she is receiving. She now wanders around the property and enjoys strolling next to her new siblings.

Cindy Bull