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Nearly Blind Puppy Has Been Waiting 10 Years In The Same Place For His Family

Bokshil, a dog, sits by the gate of an apartment complex next to the guardhouse all the time, expecting to see her family again and observing the passing people. She continues to stand at the doorway in the hopes that her desire may be granted one day. She is there, aging and waiting for someone who will never come back.

Bokshil has reportedly been a frequent presence at the entrance for ten years, according to locals. Despite the fact that he has never arrived, she appears to be waiting for her owner to pick her up.

Every day, he waits patiently at the door and chases people who he could have misidentified as his owner.

The story of Bokshil, a devoted small dog who, after her owners left the building, followed them as usual but was instructed to “remain here,” and who has since waited outside the apartment building door, was told on South Korean animal channel SBS TV.

A woman who feeds the dog every day was interviewed by SBS TV, and she said that Bokshil’s owner had abandoned her when they left the residence ten years ago.

The lady uttered:

“I heard the owner moved away and abandoned her. Most likely, [the owner] lacked the means to care for a dog.

Bokshil was allegedly left behind just at the entrance. Despite this, she continues to hold out hope that one day her family will return to get her.

Food and drink are always available from the kind-hearted neighbors in the area, who leave a container at the apartment complex’s door. Bokshil is adamant on remaining at the door despite their repeated attempts to relocate her to a safer location.

She moves quickly to the doghouse the residents prepared for her as night comes. As she waits for the following day to resume the same process, she falls asleep there.