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Dog Finds His Favorite Toy After His Family Lost Everything In The Fires

Following the recent forest fires in Australia, thousands of families have been left without houses. The Zagame family discovered that the fires had completely destroyed a large portion of their Wairewa house.

The former house of the family was explored by family members to discover what had endured. Sadly, there was not much to cling to.

Despite the destruction, there was good news for OJ, the family dog. OJ was overjoyed to find that his favorite toy had survived and couldn’t have been more grateful.

After discovering the stuffed animal amid the wreckage, Louisa Cheatley, a reporter for 7 News Melbourne, tweeted a picture of the cute Golden Retriever holding it in its jaws.

Louise remarked:

“‘OJ’ returned today to his Wairewa house, which a fire had destroyed entirely. In the wreckage, she discovered his beloved stuffed animal.

In addition to OJ’s prized toy, Katie Zagami’s bridal gown also made it out of the blaze. The family is happy to have found these two objects, but they are also heartbroken to have lost their house. It is difficult for them to be in the area and witness the destruction.

The home of the Zagami family was one of 11 residences in Wairewa that were burned, according to the city’s fire department. Fortunately, the neighborhood was quickly evacuated, preventing any fatalities or major injuries.