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Dog Tied Up At Shelter Door Was Waiting For Someone To Notice

When they discovered a dog tied to their fence last week, the employees at the RSPCA Woodside Animal Center in Wales, England, were horrified. They had no idea how long she had been there and she appeared anxiously waiting for someone to discover her.

A spokesperson for the shelter stated to The Dodo in a press release:

She was standing with her head peeping between the door’s bars, her ears back, and her eyes large and brown like a puppy dog.


This lovely puppy, now known as Misty, came in appalling shape, with exposed ribs and skin issues. The shelter personnel were happy to learn that she would now be safe because she had some scrapes close to her nose that indicated she had a difficult time.

Misty had a microchip, which the crew uncovered, but it took a while for the contact information to stop working.

It’s difficult to resist wondering what may have happened to the dog if she had been left alone out there as she waited outside the shelter.

The shelter’s spokesperson continued:

She must have been really lost and confused.