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Family Takes Their Older Dog To The Vet To Be Euthanized Because They Don’t Want To Take Care Of It

Some individuals don’t want to take care of their dogs because they are too old, so they leave them. Melissa, a 34-year-old lady, made the decision to fulfill her ambition of rescuing aged canines in need of a home as a result.

Melissa founded the rescue facility Old Dog Home in Conyers, Georgia (United States), where she resides in a very spacious home and accepts elderly dogs who require a little more care.

In order to find them a home or give them the chance to experience a lot of love in their final days, some dogs who arrive are rehabilitated.

Facebook/ Old Dog Home

“We are going to do it for the dogs that come to us and can be rehabilitated and adopted. We shall do every effort to ensure that they have an opportunity to find love and have a family in their later years. We shall be your family for those who are too young or too unwell.

One day, Melissa received an urgent call from an Old Dog Home veterinarian who had some devastating news. He informed her that a guy had grabbed her elderly dog and taken her to be put down since he didn’t want to care for her.

The veterinarians declined to euthanize the dog since she appeared to be in good condition and was extremely friendly.

Facebook/ Old Dog Home

Despite the fact that the shelter was already full, Melissa couldn’t help but bring Holly home. She is between the ages of 10 and 12 years old, very affectionate, and has been straying from one residence to the next since losing her owner.

That is how she came to be with her present family, but sadly for Holly, her new family had two other dogs and no longer loved her. The dog also urinated on the ground nonstop.

The family’s kids had lost interest in her and now chose to play with the other dogs instead.

Facebook/ Old Dog Home

Melissa’s writing

“I don’t like to criticize kids, but the granddaughter gave me a shrug as she glanced at me. We just don’t like it, she remarked. Our other dogs are better, though. The dog was still standing there, wagging its tail continuously.”

With the exception of a few lumps and bruises, Holly seemed to be in excellent physical condition. According to the veterinarians, Holly’s yeast infection likely contributed to her frequent urination at her previous residence.

Facebook/ Old Dog Home

Holly was first quite frightened and perplexed, but as the days passed, she started to settle in and unwind in her new house. Holly was once cuddled by Melissa as she had her covered in blankets and propped up on her legs for the first time in a long time.

Melissa’s writing

“My main mission in life is to demonstrate to others that being old doesn’t mean you’re going to die—old dogs still have love to share. They deserve the chance to have a forever family just as much as any younger dog since they are amazingly resilient and forgiving.”

According to Melissa, Holly was sent to the dentist to have some growths around her eyes removed. While there, the medical staff discovered a melanoma developing beneath her eyelid, which they surgically removed.

Holly’s other health issues have been resolved, and Melissa was able to place her in a home where she would always be adored.

She said in a Facebook post:

“We received several requests for Holly, and it was difficult to decide where to place her, but once we met this family, it was quite obvious. Along with an 11-year-old doggy brother, she now has two daughters who adore her. See those joyful faces? Her pals include horses, goats, and chicks at her family’s farm in the countryside.

Facebook/ Old Dog Home