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Dozens Of Deer Take Over The Best Place To Rest Under The Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus has drastically altered people’s life, and many believe that this alteration will permanently alter how we see the world. Shamefully, if anything positive can come out of this, it is how beneficial it has been for the planet that people are no longer on the streets, on the beaches, or using their destructive nature.

In recent days, there have been countless instances where wild creatures have departed their former territory—their home—freely, finally at peace without people around.

However, a photo of Japan’s much anticipated “cherry blossom” has suddenly gone viral on social media with the onset of spring. Although it is undoubtedly a magnificent gift from nature that both locals and visitors reflect over year after year, this time a further surprise has captured the attention of millions of people.

A half-hour drive from Osaka, Nara is popular with tourists every spring because of the cherry blossom festival and its more than 1,200 deer.

However, on April 7, the Japanese government issued a coronavirus state of concern, ordering residents to stay indoors as the unique and amazing phenomena of cherry trees signaled the start of the lovely spring.

Only this time, for the first time, the deer felt free to invade the park at will.

Unable to resist their curiosity, a few enquirers discovered the exquisite sight of everyone relaxing beneath blooming trees, as though it were pulled straight out of the Bambi movie.

It’s quite uncommon because, despite the fact that the region is teeming with these adorable tiny creatures, they feel afraid and have never before been able to appreciate it like they can now. Occasionally, if you were lucky, you may see them coming up to ask for food before they vanished.