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Sanctuary For Unwanted Animals Takes In A Pair Of Rare Rusty-Spotted Cats, Reveals They Have Two Adorable Babies

Earth is filled with amazing creatures and one of them is the world’s smallest species of cat—the rusty-spotted cat. These adorable wild cats grow to be just 35–48 cm in length, yet their cuteness is unmeasurable. Recently, Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary in Cornwall, England was lucky enough to welcome them into its care and just had to share photos of them with everyone. Unsurprisingly, they gathered plenty of attention as people couldn’t turn away from the cuteness of these cats.

The sanctuary took in a pair of grown rusty-spotted cats who are parents of two adorable cubs. “The Rusty-spotted cats were offered to us as we had a spare enclosure to be housed here for part of an external breeding programme. We don’t usually breed animals but this was a special opportunity,” the sanctuary’s spokesperson, Sophie, told Bored Panda. According to the new carers, these little babies are only 8 weeks old and are starting to eagerly explore their new surroundings with their mom following them around

Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary is like a retirement home for unwanted animals. “It was founded by Joy and John Palmer and celebrated 30 years last year. The park offers a home for life to any unwanted or surplus animals, most being elderly. All animals are rescued, elderly and have nowhere else to go,” Sophie said.

The park could only share news of its new guests with people through social media, as it is closed to the public because of the coronavirus lockdown. Similarly to many other businesses and animal care organizations, Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary is facing financial hardships due to the pandemic. “As we are currently closed due to the corona virus we haven’t had any visitors however we’ve had some more donations to help us look after the animals. And a lot of interest from people who want to visit once we can open again.”