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Dog Can’t Believe She’s Seeing Family Again After 28 Days Lost In The Woods

Justin Scott is an EMT, and one day he attended to a very traumatic incident in which one of his buddies died. He was trying to deal in the aftermath and realized he needed help — which is when Shelby entered his life. Shelby was adopted by Scott as his service dog, and everything changed for the better after that.

“I looked at her in the shelter parking lot and told her, ‘I rescued you, now I need you to save me,’ and she did,” Scott said on Shelby’s Facebook page. “She rescued me from the clutches of hell. She’s my dearest buddy and a safe haven in a storm.”

Justin and his family chose to spend the Fourth of July camping in the Eastern Sierras of California, about six hours away from their home. Shelby became scared by something and slipped out of her collar while they were hanging out at the campsite — and then vanished into the bush.

Shelby’s family looked everywhere for her but couldn’t find her. They also placed traps and sat near them, watching while bears inspected the traps from their automobile. Shelby’s family refused to lose up on her despite the fact that she was entirely lost someplace in the woods. Shelby had spared her father from a lot of grief, and now he had to save her.


Shelby’s family decided to call A Way Home For Animals, a group that helps families discover their lost pets, after she had been gone for 13 days. Babs Fry, the organization’s founder, travelled out to the region in the hopes of reuniting Shelby with her frightened family, but she realized it wouldn’t be an easy mission from the start.

“We were able to ensure that anyone who spotted the dog knew exactly who to call by interacting with everyone in the vicinity, signage, the camp host, and the local shop,” Fry told The Dodo. “As a result, the morning after I arrived, we received a call that Shelby had been sighted 3 and a half miles south.”


Shelby never emerged and wandered into one of the traps, despite Fry’s best efforts. Shelby had been observed somewhere, foraging for food late at night, when she got a call from her mother. Shelby was safely trapped within the trap within 45 minutes after Fry rushed into action and built a trap near where Shelby had been sighted as fast as she could.