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Trail Camera Captures The Magic Moment Two Bobcats Fall In Love

There’s a new crooner in town, and he’s not Sinatra. Despite the fact that his melodies may sound shrill to some, this furry, singing suitor is gaining hearts.

There’s even footage to back it up.


A trail camera in Colorado recorded fascinating footage of an eligible male bobcat crossing paths with an apparently eligible possible mate. The bobcat began singing his mating call to express his want to learn more about her.

And, as you’ll see, that appeared to persuade her.

For these wild cats, love was in the air:

Robyn Sloan, a retired biology teacher, had placed the camera there to catch candid sights like these of animals in her neighborhood. She could tell right away that this film was unique.

Sloan told The Dodo, “I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.” “Sometimes it’s just a matter of luck where you put your camera.”

Thankfully, for the sake of the bobcats’ privacy, the camera’s timer cut the film short before things got too romantic. Sloan believes the bobcats’ interactions did not end there.