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Cat Rescue Discovers One Of Their Orphans Is Actually A Fox

A wildlife rescue in Shropshire, England, received an odd call on Monday. The newest arrival at a neighborhood cat shelter was not the kitten they had expected. She was the size of a fox cub.

Fox cubs are often born in February and March, and their curled ears, smushed cheeks, and fluffy coats make them seem a lot like kittens, who are born all year.


“They are frequently mistaken for kittens since they have no resemblance to a fox,” Fran Hill, manager of Cuan Wildlife Rescue, told The Dodo. “We’ve had several in the past that were a month or two old and folks raised them just to discover it wasn’t a cat!”

It’s fairly uncommon for a cub to become separated from her mother, especially when Mom is always on the watch for dangers to her family. “If the vixen is concerned about her current position, she may occasionally shift her pups,” Hill explained. “She brings them to their new location one by one.” She may drop the cub if startled or challenged.”

The cub was moved from the cat shelter to Cuan Wildlife Rescue, where she was discovered with a little graze on her snout but otherwise unharmed. The young cub is doing well after a week at the rescue, but she need a lot of attention to keep healthy and strong.