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Nice IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Protect Stray Dogs From The Cold

Staff at an IKEA shop in Catania, Italy, have gone above and beyond simply selling furniture to complete a home – they’ve also started offering a home for dogs in need.

And the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.


Martine Taccia was out shopping at the retail behemoth on a recent cool fall day when she was shocked to find a pack of dogs snuggled up against a living room display.

Taccia told The Dodo, “My response was sheer wonder.” “It’s not something you see every day.”

However, it turned out that the dogs were stray canines from the neighborhood, and that tiny taste of home was truly a gift.

Taccia discovered that the business had opted to open its doors to local homeless dogs in order to provide them with shelter from the weather. And the greeting included more than simply a safe haven.

“The dogs are fed and pampered on a regular basis by IKEA personnel and customers,” Taccia added. “Some of the dogs have even found a home with customers.”

Taccia was moved by the store’s goodwill and recorded the touching moment on video:

Though it does not appear that IKEA’s Catania shop officially advertises their policy of allowing needy dogs in, it has left a great effect on customers like Taccia. Beppe Liotta, another client, was enamored with the store’s dog-friendly policy.

“Seeing dogs huddled in the exhibition space at the entrance of the IKEA gave me a profound sensation of love and tremendous delight,” Liotta told The Dodo.

A simple scan of Instagram photographs shot at Catania’s IKEA reveals that many others have had the same experience:

IKEA has a history of supporting animals; in the past, the company collaborated with Home For Hope on a campaign to encourage pet adoption by displaying cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs in its shops.

Even so, it’s difficult to beat the actual thing.