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When Donkey’s Father Returns Home, He Acts Like A Dog

Walter is a sweet young donkey who grew up with three German Shepherd foster brothers on a farm. The cute donkey has been behaving like another family dog since he was a newborn, exhibiting peculiar characteristics that make him very appealing to his family.

Kelly and Brad Blake, his adopted parents, have been bringing him home to Arizona, United States, since he was a newborn. The beautiful donkey had a tough start in life, but owing to his new family’s affection, he was able to adjust quickly in his new home.

According to Brad, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Walter was turned down by his mother because he was too young. For ten hours, the Bureau of Land Management and locals tried to persuade Walter’s mother to accept him. They phoned us and asked if we’d want to adopt it after nothing else worked. “Of course, we say yes!” says the group.

Adorable donkey acts as though he’s a dog.

Walter and Brad have formed a strong relationship, and he has been quite successful since moving into his new home. He has grown a lot and now weighs more than 70 kg; he lives with his three dog brothers and is always loved by everyone at home.

Brad explains:

“We have three German shepherds, and they’ve all taken to Walter from the beginning. They’ve assisted us in raising him and teaching him proper manners.”

Walter’s attitudes are extremely distinctive since he has always been surrounded by his three canine siblings; from the way you sleep to how thrilled you may be when you see your loved ones coming home.

When the cute young donkey sees his father come from a business trip, he always rushes over to greet him and waggles his tail with delight.

His father continues:

Walter behaves in a doglike manner. When we arrive home, he wags his tail and gets thrilled. To adore him, jump up and rub his body against mine. He even takes a nap right next to me on the couch. Every night, we all go for a stroll in the desert to get some exercise, and Walter rushes with our shepherds as if he were a member of the herd.

Walter is not only a cute little donkey with an unlikely personality; he also assists the community in his neighborhood and volunteers with his family for many organizations; he is even an emotional support animal.

His parents are well aware that his fans adore him and enjoy posting updates on his life on his Facebook page, where they chronicle his incredible exploits.

Brad concluded by saying:

“We could never have anticipated how much Walter would improve our lives.”